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Mobile Casino Gambling Tables
Full size mobile casino gambling tables and equipment available for hire with professional croupiers. Ideal for Casino or James Bond theme nights, private parties, weddings, corporate functions and events.
Available Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 09-636 1469

We have a variety of games you can choose from all with a professional croupier to run the games and teach guests how to play. You can choose between:

  • Blackjack (6 guests seated or 12 standing)
  • Roulette (12-15 standing)
  • Craps (12 standing)
  • Texas Hold'ems (6-10 seated – small and large available)
  • Baccarat (12-15 standing)
  • Two up (15 standing)

Blackjack and Poker are a half circle 1800mm diameter, Roulette and Craps are a rectangle 2200mm long and about 1000mm wide. They're best placed in a corner or up against a wall so the dealer stands behind and the players out front.

Blackjack and Roulette are by far the most popular as the games are quick, lasting only 2-3 minutes each and are the easiest to learn. If you’re planning a large mix of tables we would highly recommend at least half your tables be Blackjack as is normally laid out in a typical Casino.

Millionaires Night

This option is best for when you want the casino to be the main entertainment.

As guests arrive they are handed their “million dollar gold card” and can swap it for chips at the tables once they open for play. Then, when the tables close, guests return their chips for a voucher representing their winnings. You can either give a prize to the "Ultimate High Roller" who won the most, or perhaps have some prizes available for a fun auction where guests can bid with their winnings. It's a lovely way to make sure more people go home with something. Any of these options can be decided when you're ready and just discussed with the dealers on the night.

Competition Style

This is the best option if you want the tables to be side entertainment and not all the guests will want to play.

Guests get given chips when they sit down at the tables to play.

Here are some more inspiration for things that can be added to a casino theme event...

Vegas styled showgirl hostesses

Our gorgeous Showgirls can meet and greet your guests and be available for photo opportunities during cocktail hour.

Paparazzi Actors

To make your guests feel like stars as they arrive! Get a couple of them to use modern digital cameras and display the photos later in the night on a projector or keep as a momento.


Our talented Cartoonists can do individual drawings of guests for them to keep as a fun memento of the night. They can do roving entertainment and mingle with guests or you can set them up in a corner and guests can come to them.

Roving Magician

Our roving Magicians can perform close up magic to entertain your guests in true Vegas style.

Jazz Performers or Easy Listening Music

Our talented musicians can start the evening by playing Swing Jazz music or easy listening as guests arrive and during cocktail hour.

Corporate DJ

We have a selection of the best DJ's who know how to cater to a corporate group or wedding receptions.

Package Deals

We have put together some handy package deals to give you an idea how your Casino theme event can look. Bleow are a few examples...

PACKAGE ONE - 50 guests
  • 2 showgirls to meet & greet
  • 3 casino tables
  • Corporate Party DJ
PACKAGE TWO - 100 guests
  • 2 showgirls to meet & greet
  • Paparazzi crowd of 3 performers
  • 7 Casino tables
  • Swing Jazz duo or trio to start the night
  • Corporate Party DJ
PACKAGE THREE - 200 guests (or if you just want to spoil yourself!)
  • Paparazzi crowd of 4 performers
  • 4 showgirls to meet & greet
  • 10 casino tables
  • After dinner Vegas Style Dance show
  • Swing Jazz dance band or DJ 

There's plenty more variations we can make for you for other size groups or other ideas you'd like to do - these are just examples.

Feel free to contact us for more info and entertainment options for your next event. We are happy to help :)



For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 09-636 1469