Jim Hopkins

Professional Business Keynote speaker for Motivation and Inspiration, After Dinner speeches, Compere or MC and for Political Comment.

Christchurch, New Zealand..

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Not only is Jim Hopkins a celebrity debater, journalist, television presenter, scriptwriter, radio host, author and wonderfully witty after dinner speaker but an MC without peer. A Legend in his own Larynx.

An hilarious after dinner speaker, Jim Hopkins is famous (or infamous) throughout the far-flung reaches of New Zealand for his work on stage, in television and radio. His ability to script and tailor his presentations, an incredibly quick wit, coupled with his genius for making people laugh, have made him one of this country’s most sought-after humorous speakers.

Jim Hopkins has spent the best (or worst) part of 25 years in and around the electronic media – as a scriptwriter on “Close To Home”; presenter of “Fast Forward”, “Don’t Tell Me”, “The Inventors”, “Dateline Monday”, a performer on The BNZ Festival Debates and radio talkback host on Radio Pacific in Auckland and Radio Avon in Christchurch.

This has meant that countless thousands have experienced the possibly toxic effects of his high-speed larynx and unstable brain. Not content with such electronic exposure, certain rash groups have been known to risk direct physical exposure … (rather like tap-dancing with plutonium really) and knowingly allowed him to talk to them in public. In addition to being in demand as an after dinner speaker and debater on any topic imaginable, Jim is also considered to be one of New Zealand’s top MC’s and orchestrates many conferences throughout the Pacific each year.

He can always be relied on to be politically incorrect, he researches his audience thoroughly, and sometimes even the company, and for this reason tends to be able to embarrass everyone, in a nice way of course, from the CEO to the head waiter, or the head of the waiter if you prefer.

He can turn his hand to any subject or topic and politicians are particularly fair game not to mention easy prey, since they rarely pray themselves, easily or otherwise, except in a heavy referendum.

If you’re looking for someone just a little bit “different” then Jim Hopkins is the man – sorry, person, for your next conference, seminar or just backyard barbeque at which he excels and burning the sausages on the outside without heating the inside one little bit.

"Jim Hopkins did an enormous amount of background research. A week down the road and clients are still talking about it."
Print House Limited
"Jim was hilariously funny. He did a great job."
"The presentation by Jim Hopkins exceeded our expectations, he was great. Jim MC'ed the evening for us perfectly. He was able to get the "feel" of the audience very easily and he set the atmosphere to the light level."
Institute of Chartered Accountants

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