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Captain Gerald Coffee
Keynote Business Motivational Speaker and Team Building Coach.
BasedHawaii USA
Available locally and internationally.
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IBeyond Survival: Reaffirming the Invincibility of the Human Spirit.
SELECTED AS ONE OF AMERICA’S TOP TEN SPEAKERS, Captain Jerry Coffee uses Tap Code to personalize his message to your group. After hearing him, those in the audience will look at their challenges and adversities in a totally different way

Born in Modesto, California, Gerald (Jerry) Coffee joined the Navy in 1957 after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Commercial Art.
In 1962,  during the Cuban Missile Crisis as an F-8 Crusader pilot , Jerry was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for  flying low level reconnaissance missions over Cuba, taking the photos ultimately used by the United States UN ambassador to prove the existence of Soviet missiles there.

In February of 1966, while flying combat missions over North Vietnam, his RA5-C reconnaissance jet was downed by enemy fire.  He parachuted safely but was captured immediately. For the next seven years he was held as a POW in the Communist prisons of North Vietnam. After his repatriation in February, 1973, Jerry returned to operation duties.  He retired from active duty in the Navy after 28 years of service.

His military decorations include the Silver Star, two awards of the Legion of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, two Bronze Stars, the Air Medal, two Purple Hearts, and the Vietnam Service Medal with 13 stars.

For the past 20 years,  Captain Gerald Coffee, has been considered one of the nation’s top speakers, addressing thousands of people a year  across a broad spectrum of corporate America and to international groups as well.

In his message of going “Beyond Survival,” Jerry draws not only from insights derived from the prison experience, but also from the perspective of his unique experiences since then:  earning a masters degree in political science from Cal-Berkeley, studying at the prestigious National Defense University in Washington, D.C., Navy command and staff assignments, and his continuing interaction with hundreds of America’s corporations and associations as a professional speaker.

In a poll of corporate meeting planners, Captain Coffee was selected as one of America’s Top Ten Speakers. And, the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table selected him as one of its top twelve most popular, highest-rated, main platform speakers for the past 20 years.
He holds the National Speaker’s Association’s highest rating of CSP and membership in the Speaker’s Hall of Fame (CPAE).

His numerous civilian awards  include the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge.

Jerry is a highly respected commentator on current political, economic, and social issues, seeing most in terms of opportunities yet to be seized by heroic leadership. He has appeared on Larry King Live (twice), Talk Back Live, NBC news, and numerous radio and TV talk shows.

His book, Beyond Survival, condensed by Readers Digest, is on audio-cassette by Nightingale-Conant, and was made into an award-winning play called “The Prisoner.”

Captain Coffee and his wife, Susan, a journalist, reside in Aiea, Hawaii.  Between them they have 6 adult children, 7 grandchildren and 2 yellow Labs.  Their lanai overlooks Pearl Harbor and is directly across from Camp Smith where a giant American flag dedicated to America’s POWs and MIAs waves 24/7.

"Captain Coffee is the most powerful inspirational speaker I've ever heard. He will demonstrate how you can live life to it's fullest and how to make all of life's experiences positive ones. Hearing him is an unforgettable experience."
Tom Johnson, Former President of CNN

"I have been with the Association for 20 years, and I have never seen a speaker have the full undivided attention of the audience for their entire presentation.  You have been our most dynamic speaker to date."
Kelly Hipp, Dir., Professional Relations, American Optometric Assn.

"Your presentation captured the hearts of all 2,000 EAPA members.  You certainly made us look good.  Your message is not only for the moment, but for the long haul."
Sylvia A. Straub, Ph.D., CAE, COO, Employee Assistance Professional Assn., Inc
"I spend time during the presentation looking at the audience... the audience was completely mesmerized... not a yawn, not a quick look at the watch, not a drifting glance... You could hear a pin drop (even on carpet!)"
Brenda C. Park
Director, Dealership Div., Teleco, Inc.
"Your presentation hit home with our team in an unpredictable way.  Now I know personally why you have been honored as one of America's best."
William J. Hannigan
President, Business Communication Services,
Southwestern Bell

For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on +64 9 6361469