Dr Sven Hansen - Resilience Keynotes

Professional speaker on Resilience, Wellness, Health and Safety and Team Building.

Auckland, New Zealand.

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Dr Sven Hansen is a medical practitioner who has specialised in preventative medicine, emotional intelligence, cognitive training and stress mastery.

Dr Sven Hanson has pioneered preventative medicine, stress mastery, emotional intelligence and cognitive training. 

As a regular conference presenter around New Zealand and Australia, his key message is the imperative to integrate physical, emotional, cognitive and moral resilience.

With a background in Sports Medicine, Sven has run corporate wellness programmes. He now spends most of his time training executives and professionals in the application of resilience.  He works with both groups and individuals, helping people develop and refine the personal disciplines of success.  He has a specific interest in developing leadership teams and the application of biological principles to leadership, strategy, influence, creativity and decision-making.

Sven Hansen qualified as a doctor in 1986 and went on to complete an MBA in 1993.  He is married with two children.  He founded the Resilience Institute methodology in 2002 which helps organisations and their leaders across New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Resilience Keynotes are tailored to professional or general audiences seeking practical and evidence-based solutions to health, happiness, performance and meaning.  Resilience is the learned capability to bounce back, overcome, lead and create purpose.

Resilience Keynote Speech

Resilience supports us and our communities (organisations) by nurturing the biological resources of body, heart, mind and spirit.  Embracing physical vitality, stress mastery, emotional intelligence and cognitive training, resilience defines the practical competencies that help us master work and life.  Dr Sven Hansen introduces a new core competence of outstanding leadership, introducing challenging new research on how the brain, body and emotion interact to drive creativity, decisions and flow.

Practical Resilience Workshop

Dr Sven Hansen offers a workshop of 2 to 4 hours.  In the latter, participants get to hear the message and also build their own resilience through a series of practical exercises.  A workbook with summary points, development planning and references is included.

Practical Resilience – The Secrets to Flow

  • Body, heart, mind and spirit in the quest for results and meaning.
  • The dynamics of human performance; pressure vs.  stress and flow vs. distress.
  • Physical vitality – extend and enhance your life; exercise, sleep, nutrition.
  • Mastering Calm Alertness – Sleep, Relaxation and Breathing.
  • EQ: the feeling of being alive and positive influence (empathy, emotion regulation)
  • Brain training – the attentive and creative mind

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"All attendees thoroughly enjoyed Sven’s presentation and got a lot out of it. Our team were still talking about it today! The conference also was a great success. Thanks again."
Leean Bedwell, Director, Cleland Hancox Ltd

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