John Lees

Professional Keynote business Speaker on Business, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. Also makes a wonderful MC and Team building Keynote speaker.

Sydney NSW Australia

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John Lees has the unique ability to mix strong, clean ‘business humour’ with a motivational business message. In after dinner presentations the emphasis is very much more on humour. As a conference MC John Lees is without equal.

John Lees led the Australian and New Zealand operations of ‘Schwarzkopf’ to become the most successful for the organisation worldwide, in terms of market share and profitability.

After 10 years as marketing and sales director with Schwarzkopf, John Lees was appointed international marketing consultant for the German multi-national, supervising the introduction of his advanced marketing, service and sales concepts to the American, Canadian, British, South African and leading European markets.

In earlier days, John Lees spent 3 years with Reckitt & Colman in the UK as a sales rep and key account manager, and then moved to Australia (to join family) and started again with Reckitts in Sydney, first in sales representation and then in state sales management in NSW (at age 25). He joined Schwarzkopf at age 28, as national sales manager of the salon division.

There are some speakers with valuable ideas who cannot deliver their messages with style, and there are many stylish speakers who have no new or valuable messages to offer at all. Then there are just a few special speakers who have important, original messages which they present in the most inspiring and entertaining ways. John Lees is recognised as being at the forefront of the ‘ special group’, on an international level.

However, the true advantage with John Lees is that he is ‘one of a kind’, someone who can make conferences memorable and successful, and always relevant and topical. This is not just a claim, it is a fact, made possible by a unique set of characteristics: John Lees has a notable background in business, he is a consultant to progressive organisations, a prolific author of business books, a creator of numerous business systems… and an established humorist.John Lees has the unique ability to mix strong, clean ‘business humour’ with a motivational business message. In after dinner presentations the emphasis is very much more on humour.

With John Lees your audience gets high quality entertainment and a message to lift their spirits even further! The after-dinner presentation (or after-breakfast or lunch) can focus on a sales, management or motivational theme, as you require, however the evening presentation that John Lees is best known for is …

“How to avoid being a successful misery”

This presentation suggests that it is not a good idea to climb the ladder of success, and then find out too late that the ladder was up against the wrong wall. There are too many people in business who achieve success and still look as though they haven’t smiled since their honeymoon. The goal for truly successful people is to enjoy business rather than endure it. This presentation provides some very humorous insights into the qualities of well balanced achievers in business.

Professional Conference MC

Being a professional speaker as well as a humorist, John Lees is able to harness these qualities to perform a highly effective role as ‘Master of Ceremonies’ for important conventions. Controlling proceedings and introducing speakers, John Lees maintains a high level of entertainment throughout and offers valuable comments between conference segments.

Additionally, of course, John Lees can be called upon to contribute key note addresses of his own to help open, close and flavour the conference as needs dictate.

Conference Facilitator

John Lees is the ideal facilitator at conferences and meeting workshops, contributing professional control, creative input, an enjoyable working atmosphere and continuous inspiration for delegates to give their best. And aside from the facilitation role, John Lees can provide key note presentations, perhaps an after-dinner talk and the involvement of meeting MC.

Sales and Management Training Courses

John Lees offers a range of advanced sales and management training courses which are based on his five books – including consulting involvement.

John Lees offers conference delegates hope rather than hype, and an abundance of original ideas delivered in the most motivating and entertaining fashion.


  • Business keynote
  • Marketing
  • Sales,
  • Customer Service
  • Team Building
  • Host, Compere or MC

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