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Hoax Speaker / MC. Your guests will believe he is an internationally acclaimed speaker, the real deal to offer and impart his wisdom…except they have been hoaxed. A hilarious and surprise entertainment option for your next conference or awards night.

Auckland, New Zealand.

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He is utterly convincing…until the reveal!

It’s the first day of your corporate sales or industry association conference. Your key staff and delegates are poised to receive the annual motivation speech from the CEO or sales management team. But instead of the usual ‘speech from the throne’, a prestigious International guest speaker takes the stage.

His opening is absolutely believable– just the thing to get the team motivated as they ready themselves to hear the goals and targets for the year. Notes are being taken, and the industry and technical information is revealed…

…then it all starts to go ever-so-slightly sideways. Before too long, people are getting confused by the dichotomy of plausible delivery versus just plain ODD content. And slowly it dawns on the assembled group that…they’ve been had.

It’s directly about your business, and it’s hugely entertaining. You’ve been Hoaxed!

Our Hoaxer Greg is an accent and language aficianado and has lived and worked in many global cultures.

Greg is also a professionally trained actor, with appearances in leading US and Australasian dramas, as well as appearing in many international television commercials in Australasia, North America, Britain and Europe.

A standing ovation and a room full of happy laughing people is the overall result.

But this Corpoate Hoax is far from just comedy. Reinforcing company, association or industry goals, subtly linking themes to generate business outcomes and being a powerful, external voice adds an extremely significant amount of value to your event.

Greg can say things you or your organisation cannot – being the Devil’s advocate or the allegorical prophet. It’s entertaining – but it’s not just about entertainment.

You may well say; “Sounds great, but how would this work for few popular options… 

The Opening Speaker

Begins the event in a serious manner, then breaks the ice in spectacular fashion the group to relax into the conference, but sows the seed for the actual issues faced by the organisation.

(This option is also gives you added value as an opportunity for Greg to then carry on as the event MC at the completion of the presentation, after the reveal for a significantly reduced rate.) 

The 2nd Day Afternoon ‘Speaking Slot of Doom’

This slot, generally around 2.00pm or 3.00pm on the 2nd day of conference is the hardest speaking slot of any event. Delegates are tired from the previous night’s exertions, and energy levels are low as the body digests lunch. What is needed is a dynamic and focused presenter – just the ticket then, for a ‘European Expert’ to arrive to enliven proceedings! 

The Closing Speaker

You’re into the last hour or so of your conference, with delegates suffering conference fatigue, and who better then, to ‘International Industry Expert… And the key messages of your conference will be remembered long after the event is over.


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"The fact that people were scribbling down notes throughout his presentation only goes to show how much effort and detail Greg put into his speech. Right from the moment I met him, to the end of his show he was in character! "
Buildings Officials Institute
"Some people were even crying with laughter, and we are still hearing compliments about it now – it was certainly the highlight of our conference... "
"The main reason we wanted to use Greg’s services was to add a new element of fun to our conference. Our delegates spend 3 whole days of listening to intense and complex presentations, which require a high amount of critical and technical thought. The idea was to incorporate an ‘international guest speaker’, so that our delegates could get excited about having such a ‘world renown’ speaker. This would then all fall apart, leaving our guests to start questioning the legitimacy of our speaker. Essentially – we wanted to add a bit of shine to our conference, and Greg did just that. We are still hearing positive comments and requests for his speech. "
Annual Association Conference
"I have never worked with someone who has put as much effort and dedication into ensuring we were happy with the result. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants to add a bit of personality, humour and shine to their event. I guarantee you that whatever he does, people will still be talking about it long after it’s happened! "

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