LED Neon Dance Show | Sydney

LED Neon Dance Show is ideal for corporate functions such as conferences, galas and awards ceremonies. The show is unique in that the performance integrates the use of electro-luminescent light suits along with customized choreographic, music and visual components.

Sydney, Australia.

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Wow the audience right from the start with an LED Neon Dance Show as an exhilarating opening act. With guests seated, simply dim the lights and watch these technical-meets-tribal, illuminated beings with brightly lit shields appear from the back of the room, walking amongst guests en route to the stage.

The effect is breath-taking, and the show’s high energy, cleverly imagined vibe is sure to break the ice and totally energise your audience.

Their unique mix of light, human form and dance has universal appeal and suits many event types: conferences, product launches, gala events, concerts and more. Although they’re perfectly suited as an opening act, the LED Dance Show happily entertain at any point during the event.

LED Neon Dance Show is a versatile act. The dancers’ illuminated shields can be customised with corporate colours and logos, and your venue doesn’t need to be completely dark to enjoy the full brilliance of the show. LED Neon Dance Show performs around Australia and overseas.

The show is 7.5 minutes in duration and is ideal as an opening show, feature spot show, filler act for award evenings and in between speakers.

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