Keith Pereira and the Trail Benders Country Band

Keith Pereira and the Trail Benders Country Band. Available as a duo or 4 – 5 piece band. Ideal for country and western theme events, pub, music festivals, corporate events and weddings.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Keith Pereira and the Trail Benders Country Band, a dynamic country band hailing from Auckland New Zealand, bring forth an authentic country sound marked by tight harmonies, classic country twang, and versatile musicianship. With a string of sold-out shows across the nation, they’re swiftly making waves in the New Zealand country music scene.

Spearheaded by front man and lead vocalist Keith Pereira, The Trail Benders boast some of the brightest talents in NZ country music.

Dan Cosgrove, a renowned singer and top country guitarist, leads on guitar, infusing their sound with a fresh, lively country-rock vibe.

Nick Jones, a Jazz school graduate proficient in piano and violin, brings his rare fiddle skills to the mix, lending the band a distinctive edge.

Karl Pereira, a seasoned bass guitarist and vocalist, contributes over a decade of experience from his time with a well-established covers band.

Jordan Tannen, a jazz-trained drummer with experience as a composer and producer at Universal Music Publishing Group, commands the rhythm section. Notably, The Trail Benders have also garnered acclaim as one of New Zealand’s premier backing bands, supporting acts such as Neilly Rich, The Toner Sisters, Kylie Austin, Arun O’Connor, and Hannah Cosgrove.

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