Graphic LED Pois

Customized Pois with your graphics or logo for your product launch, corporate event or awards nights. Solo or Duo act available.

Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia

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Like something out of a sci-fi movie comes this Graphic Poi act. Enjoy this a high technology roving act and stage show. They stand out, wearing ultra-bright, illuminated costuming and performing with state of the art light equipment.

Made in Europe, the graphic poi has 128 super bright LED’s per poi. 

They are fully programmable for endless sequences of pre-programmed patterns, images or logos.

Made to display breath-taking graphics, text or logos.

We can provide you with a stage show or meet and greet entertainment for any Corporate Events, Product Launches, Award Nights, Xmas Parties  etc… 

Graphics, text and logos can be sent to us for editing and programming prior to the event.

The graphics and the choreography will be synchronized with the music for every show.

The act is available in a solo and duo version only at this stage.

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