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Anthony Laye Mind Reader. Perfect for conference dinners, club shows, theatre shows, roving entertainment, trade shows and corporate events.

Sydney, Australia

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For years, Anthony Laye has been captivating audiences around Australia and on TV with his mind blowing ability to seemingly read peoples thoughts and control their choices. Today, he has shifted gears, becoming a pioneer in the changing world of corporate entertainment and online communication.

Anthony is Australia’s premier mind reader who delivers an unforgettable, unique and entertaining experience, leaving his audiences with a sense that they’re not the only ones in control of their thoughts.

Just want to laugh?

Award winning Anthony packs a punch to the sub-conscious blending Psychology, Suggestion and Showmanship. It is amazing how he can pluck thoughts from your mind and even predict your actions before you act on them!

Guaranteed laughs and shakes of heads in disbelief, some people will even be shocked to silence but one thing is for sure, Anthony touches his audiences on a personal level, leaving them thinking…..’if mind reading is possible it must look like this’

Whatever plans you have for your next event, having Anthony perform will create a buzz, generating a memorable event that will be talked about for weeks, months even years later…..

Stage Shows

Shows vary from a 30 minute mind reading show to Anthony’s full show ‘An Evening Of The Unexpected’ It is a sophisticated and breathtaking performance.

Delightfully witty and phenomenally talented Anthony presents a ground breaking form of entertainment, taking the audience on a thought provoking journey treating them with respect and intelligence, creating intrigue and wonder.

Not a one man show, but one man assisted by a cast of many as the audience are as much a part of the show as Anthony himself.

‘Quite a bit of the unexpected and a whole lot more of the unexplainable’

Lounge Show

Anthony has also created a lounge style act for functions where space is a factor and the setting is casual. This show is performed for audiences of less than 100. It is an intimate show, bringing guests together on a thrilling journey through the mind. Let Anthony weave his psychological skills and  create for you an air of something marvelous.

‘Unique and powerful….. a new level of entertainment has arrived’

Roving Entertainment

Roving entertainment is a great way for your guests to interact with each other.

Anthony will perform at close quarters within a group, taking them on a mesmerizing journey. Anthony will move freely between guests reading thoughts and influencing choices creating laughter, wonder, intrigue and moments of stunned silence.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker Anthony understands how human behaviour affects communication, and how we win and lose at influence every day. Anthony proves, you don’t need to be a mind reader to build rapport and gain influence. And last but not least, Anthony as an MC. Anthony brings to the table his skills as a mentalist, his showmanship as an entertainer, and his rapport-building capabilities as a keynote speaker.

Anthony doesn’t just keep your event on track, he keeps it running smoothly. Whether it’s a mind-reading demonstration, or valuable insight about body language, Anthony has an incredible knack for surprising and delighting audiences.

Virtual Presentations

Anthony does amazing virtual presentations. For times when we can’t all be together Anthony provides his magic to us in our living rooms where teams can feel connected.

Check out his video below to see one of his virtual presentations and how it can work for you.

Video samples

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"Anthony captured our audience from the beginning. Staff who attended are still asking "how did he do that?" He was spectacular and we would have him again as our entertainer - Superb."
Gallagher Group Ltd
"We had Anthony perform at 2 of our national conference events with over 500 delegates in attendance - both audiences rated him as one of their top entertainers/speakers. His highly engaging presentation style and interactive entertainment make for a fun and energised session which is just what we wanted to break up the conference. Anthony is a true professional and so easy to work with, I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any audience - he appeals to everyone!"
"We had the pleasure of having Anthony Laye give a keynote at our recent conference. His presentation was entertaining and on point. I would recommend him for a conference or event that you may be having in the future."
Janine Allis, Founder, Boost Juice

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