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Anthony Laye Mind Reader.
Comic Mind Reader / Mentalist 
Anthony Laye Mind Reader. Perfect for conference dinners, club shows, theatre shows, roving entertainment, trade shows and corporate events.
Based Sydney, Australia
Available locally and internationally.
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on
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Award winning Anthony packs a punch to the sub-conscious blending Psychology, Suggestion & Showmanship. It is amazing how he can pluck thoughts from your mind and even predict your actions before you act on them!

Guaranteed laughs and shakes of heads in disbelief, some people will even be shocked to silence but one thing is for sure, Anthony touches his audiences on a personal level, leaving them thinking…..’if mind reading is possible it must look like this’

Whatever plans you have for your next event, having Anthony perform will create a buzz, generating a memorable event that will be talked about for weeks, months even years later…..

Stage Shows

Shows vary from a 30 minute mind reading show to Anthony’s full show ‘An Evening Of The Unexpected’ It is a sophisticated and breathtaking performance.

Delightfully witty and phenomenally talented Anthony presents a ground breaking form of entertainment, taking the audience on a thought provoking journey treating them with respect and intelligence, creating intrigue and wonder.

Not a one man show, but one man assisted by a cast of many as the audience are as much a part of the show as Anthony himself.

‘Quite a bit of the unexpected and a whole lot more of the unexplainable’ 

Lounge Show

Anthony has also created a lounge style act for functions where space is a factor and the setting is casual. This show is performed for audiences of less than 100. It is an intimate show, bringing guests together on a thrilling journey through the mind. Let Anthony weave his psychological skills and  create for you an air of something marvelous.

‘Unique and powerful….. a new level of entertainment has arrived’ 

Roving Entertainment

Roving entertainment is a great way for your guests to interact with each other.
Anthony will perform at close quarters within a group, taking them on a mesmerizing journey. Anthony will move freely between guests reading thoughts and influencing choices creating laughter, wonder, intrigue and moments of stunned silence. 

About Anthony

Before moving to Australia Anthony was one of the UK’s most sought after Entertainer’s being awarded Best Magic Act 2007 and gaining acceptance to the Prestigious Magic Circle in London.

Anthony worked as a consultant with the Geneva Theatre Company, in a then current production. He also went on to appear for T4, BBC, SKY ONE and ITV on National UK TV.

Before his rise to fame Anthony opened up a Joinery business at the age of 21. After 5 years as a business owner the turning point came when he arrived at a burnt down workshop with nothing but a white ceramic toilet still standing in the ashes….

This led to the realization that maybe it was time to pursue a full time career as an Entertainer, although he does now refrain from using fire in his act…Anthony has found himself performing for high profile companies and also at exclusive events both in the UK and in Australia where he now resides.

Since arriving in Australia Anthony has not paused a beat…. hitting the ground running he took on the challenge of completing 40 Shows in 40 Days in 40 Different locations around South and Eastern Australia to raise money and awareness for The McGrath Foundation. Appearing in over 100 newspapers and featuring on over 70 Radio stations Anthony took his ‘off the wall’ show into regional and rural Australia covering over 12,000KM’s. It was one hell of a way to say hello to Australia.

Anthony also performed for over 7,000 people at the Gold Gold Show ‘Arena Spectacular,’ he also predicted future events live on Channel 10’s SeaFM Brekkie TV.

Anthony Laye Mind Reader show, Australia




For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on
+61 2 8006 4507