Lord of the Things Dinner Theatre Show

Dinner Theatre or Awards Night Show Professional dinner theatre show performed by highly experienced performers and comedians. Ideal for staff mid-year or Christmas parties, theme parties, conferences, awards nights or many other corporate and private functions and events.

Auckland, New Zealand

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“And laugh they did, and eat, and drink, often and heartily, being fond of simple jests at all times.” LOTR

Welcome to Hobbiton.  Your guests will be greeted by our professional comedy characters or hairy hobbits, Bobo and Pippi Bracegirdle, complete with Hobbit ears.  Over an ale and nibble your guests will be given their new Hobbit names.  Then all are seated and it’s introductions of speakers or awards presentations…etc.  We will bring up one of your intrepid guests and cast them as Gandolph with a hat, beard, robe and pipe.  We’ll use them in a tale we tell, later…

No Hobbit celebration is complete without a Party Tree!  We’ll run the Party Tree Decorating Challenge where kits are given to each table and one person is nominated to be the “Party Tree”.  We have a Tree Parade and the finest tree is chosen.  This is a fantastic ice breaker and the results are always hilarious.  Then it’s onto Elevenses (dinner). 

Before desert, a Costume Parade is run and prizes will be awarded.  Then it’s some clever comedy where we Hobbitize information we’ve received from you ahead of time and also on the night.  We’ll do a series of skits where we incorporate information about your company, its services and/or products and some of its live wires.  We’ll bring Gandolph up to be in our epic journey to destroy the “thing”.  He (or she) may play all the props and furniture in our story or we may put our hand to our forehead and he shouts out the next inspirational idea that we must incorporate.  This is to be determined by the sort of information we gleam from you.  Either way he’ll have a hoot!  This ensures a tailor-made show and a cracker evening for all your guests full of giggles, laughs and snorts.

One of your Hobbits was in the first LOTR film as Mrs. Bracegirdle and has MC’d at RingCon (a LOTR convention) in Germany for the past 10 years.  This is the largest fan convention in Europe with an attendance over 4,000.

Production requirements are simple – just a stage and and a couple of microphones as it’s so much better to be seen and heard!

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