The Great New Zealand Rugby Show

Rugby Pre Game Comedy Entertainment . Ideal for corporate or private groups looking for a full night of Rugby fun.

Auckland New Zealand

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Want to treat your staff or clients to a night out? Have a group of friends that want to get together to watch the games?

Now here’s a Rugby Show for all!

It’s great fun for all your guests bursting full of Comedy and Rugby Culture.

Meet a tough, specialist who knows how to MAKE people have a good time – “The Coach will take you through the paces and get you ready for the big game.

Practice your best cheers and boos so you get it right while watching the game. We also must get the Mexican wave right before the game.

A short rugby quiz – not necessarily to do with rugby… do you know all the words to the national anthem?

This and more to fill in the time before the game starts………

The show can be customized to suit any group.

Hire out your own venue and we will come to you or we can arrange a venue and catering. How does hotdogs, pies, hot chips and lots or beer and wine sound to you? Don’t forget the orange segments at half time. Just like being at the game but with the comfort of your own private table.

Dressing your Venue for the Great NZ Rugby Show

We can arrange to dress your venue for the occasion. Here’s some ideas:

  • A set of goal posts to be positioned at either end of the room.
  • White tape outlining the playing field on the floor. Corner posts can also be used to outline this field.
  • Colourful PVC pennant bunting with Plastic seagulls can be suspended through the ceiling.
  • Table ornaments such as faux grass carpet table coverings or miniature goal posts, party poppers and streamers to create a bit of fun for the guests.
  • A mock turnstile can be installed at the entrance where one of the actors dressed in a white coat can take tickets and check for alcohol.


Prices for these additions are available on request.

We recommend guests arrive 2 hours before kick off for entertainment and food and to refresh drinks before the game starts.

This is a great fun night for all guests.

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