Tango Dance Couple

New Zealand professional Tango couple. Ideal for corporate events, TVC’S, Private parties and theme events.

Auckland, New Zealand.

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Heat up the dance floor with the seductive Tango!

Tango is a dance of grace and complexity that moves with changing rhythms and intensity.
The original sensual, passionate dance derived from the heart of Buenos Aires.

Argentine Tango contains elements of embrace, interpretive movement and heart-stopping anticipation!

John Flower holds the title for New Zealand Stage Tango Champion and had the privilege of representing New Zealand 3 times in the Semi Finals of the prestigious World Stage Tango Championships held annually in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

John comes from a background of over 35 years dance experience that began with ice-skating where he was a Gold Level Ice Dance Champion. He continued on to specialise in South American dance, winning national titles, teaching and performing in the styles of Salsa, Lambada and Argentine Tango.

Natallia Ramanchuk began her dance life in NZ in 2003, training in the styles of Salsa and Argentine Tango at Dance Pasion.

Since then Natallia has continued her Latin dance training of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and other Latin styles over the years.

Working together since 2019 has seen new choreography produced, from the breath-taking beautiful Oblivion, spectacular Libertango, heart-pounding Tanguera and the brilliantly powerful Roxanne with other works currently in creative progress. Showcasing these performances at the Napier Art Deco Festival and in 2021 at St Matthews in the City has held the audience at times spellbound where you can literally “hear a pin drop” or breaking into applause.

They can provide spectacular performances and teach a fun class at your event.

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