Boot Scootin Line Dancers

Boot Scootin Line Dancers are a delightful troupe of 4-8 talented Line dancers available for clubs, RSAs, theme parties, promotional events, Western theme parties and other private and corporate functions and events

Auckland, New Zealand.

Booking Details

The Boot Scootin Line Dancers are a great addition to a Country and Western theme or “Hoe Down” party. They will get your guests up and teach them the moves! 

Line Dancing isn’t just a dance form; it’s a fantastic way to break the ice at any party, especially one with a Western theme. If you’re planning a gathering and aiming to get your guests up and dancing, consider kicking things off with a Line Dancing session.

Our skilled Line Dancers are here to provide a lively demonstration and an enjoyable lesson. It’s suitable for all ages and incredibly easy to pick up. It’s the perfect interactive activity to keep the energy flowing after dinner at various types of events. Typically, these sessions run for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Line Dancing can add a special touch to….

Corporate Events

Looking to make your next staff Christmas party stand out? A Western-themed night might be just what you need. Guests can show up in their best country-inspired attire, and our Line Dancers will lead them through fun and simple dance routines to get the party started.

Team Building

Line Dancing can also play a role in team-building activities. It’s an effective way to foster friendships and strengthen bonds within a group, all while learning an enjoyable dance. You can even add a touch of friendly competition by having groups showcase their dancing skills.

Hen Nights

For those seeking an entertaining Hen’s night activity, our Line Dancers can make an appearance at your private party, whether it’s at a home or a bar. Get ready for laughter, fun, and a whole lot of dancing!

No matter the size of the crowd or the age range of your guests, Line Dancing can be tailored to fit the bill perfectly. So, whether you’re hosting a large event or an intimate gathering, Line Dancing is here to add a touch of excitement and enjoyment to your occasion.

No crowd is too large or too small, too young or too old!

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