Choosing the right Motivational Speaker

There are a few reasons that companies and organizations will hire the services of a Speaker to come and give a presentation to their staff. The main reason is to motivate the staff and increase sales and / or their company profile. There are also subtle reasons at play as well. For example there may be things going on within an organization that the company management want to address.  Staff retention, staff morale and to introduce new company procedures and philosophies are also very valid reasons to hire a Speaker to get your company message across. At Talent On Line we have a wide variety of professional motivational speakers. We have Australian Speakers and New Zealand Speakers who are all available to travel.

Our main categories are:  

After Dinner Speakers

Entertaining yet informative after dinner speakers are a great way to get your message across without your audience feeling as if they have to take notes. After dinner speakers always have an inspirational story to tell which your guests will relate to. They will come away feeling motivated and uplifted.   

Business and Marketing Speakers

Business and Marketing Speakers, who specialize and give advice on how best to market your business, expand your business and grow your business model. 

Comperes / MC’s

Here at Talent On Line we have a range of talent comperes and MC’s who can effortlessly bring every aspect of your evening together and make it flow seamlessly; from drinks on arrival, awards, to entertainment, they have your whole night covered.  

Corporate and Personal Image Speakers

Putting your best face forward is very important in today’s business world. People make assumptions about you in the first 5 seconds that they meet you so it is important to dress, look and act the part of a professional business person if you want to be taken seriously in business.  

Lifestyle and Stress Management Speakers

It’s important to manage stress levels in any workplace. If your workers and management are stressed then they can’t perform to the best of their ability and it makes for a very unhappy workplace which just makes everyone more stressed out! Having tools to mage stress is a very important part of today’s busy world. 

Motivation and Inspiration Speakers

We have a range of Motivational Speakers and Inspirational Speakers who can tell their own stories of success or of overcoming great obstacles to achieve great things in life.   

Political / Economic Comment Speakers

It’s important to know what is going on in the world and how current Political and Economic climates can have an effect on your business. Knowing what may be coming can help you plan ahead and be ready for those “just in case” scenarios.  

Sales / Customer Service Speakers

The most important part of any business is customer service and sales. Without good customer service you won’t go far for long. How do you keep your customers coming back and remaining loyal to your brand? Part of the answer is exceptional customer service.  

Sporting Personalities Speakers

Successful sporting personalities have one thing in common across all fields of sport and that is passion, desire to achieve their goals, dedication and hard work. The thing is, to them it isn’t really a matter of “hard work” because when you love what you do and are passionate about achieving a goal it doesn’t seem like “work” at all! Our Sporting Personality Speakers can imp[art some of their enthusiasm for life and the message of “believe in yourself”. 

To sum up, getting a speaker in to talk to your staff and team is a great way to motivate and inspire your staff.  If your company needs a boost in Sales motivation or an injection of inspiration a Celebrity Speaker is a great way to rejuvenate your team and get them motivated again. Hearing from another successful person about their success or story about overcoming adversity can help you remember firstly how lucky we are and secondly why we love our jobs and why we do them. Even a reminder of great customer service from a successful person will get staff motivated again.

All of the Speakers on the Talent On Line website are great achievers who have compelling, funny, inspirational and motivational stories to tell. You can get a serious message across in the humorous way as well.

You can view our full list of speakers here

We are happy to suggest a speaker if you don’t know who would be appropriate so drop us a line if you need help or can you can choose from our database of professional speakers for your next event.