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Promoting Your Act
If you are based in Australia or New Zealand and have an act suitable for private or corporate functions, festivals, clubs, high class events or parties, you should be promoting yourself on this site!
For live event entertainers please send your promotional pack by email to our Sydney office for review.

What do I need to send in a Promotional pack?

We need all your contact details (phones, address, email) and as much promotional material as possible to review the quality of your act.

This will include:

  • Your act's name.
  • Country and City you are based in.
  • A detailed biography describing what you do in your act.
  • Photos of how you look when you are performing. If you can get photos on stage with professional lighting, then all the better.
  • List of previous clients, venues, clubs including month and year of gig
  • Testimonials and any comments clients have written to you (no verbal quotes accepted. Please add name and company of the quoter)
  • How it is presented, duration and size options.
  • Your rates if you know what they should be - we can help you decide on an appropriate rate if you don't know
  • Video for our You Tube channel especially if you are a visual act. This is imperative if you are applying for any gig. A good quality video will help you get the job.

The better quality your promotional material, the easier it is to sell your act to potential clients. Sometimes you can't afford the best quality when you're just starting out. Do try to send something along though, to give us a feel for what you do. As you start to work you can save for a professional photographer or session in a recording studio to improve what you have in your pack.

Really important

Once you send your information out to us and we have spoken with you, please always make sure you keep us informed of your latest contact details, contract and holiday dates you will be out of town, even if we haven't spoken to you for a while.

You'll be amazed what a difference it makes just calling your agents once a month to tell them what you've been doing lately and letting them know updates to your act. By keeping in regular contact you'll stay on their minds and more likely to be on the short list when they need to recommend someone. We find it hilarious when a performer we haven't heard from for a while calls us to say hi and then within 48 hours a suitable job comes in from them. It's almost always the way!

If you are new to the industry read our tips for performers click here.