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Mobile Casino Gambling Tables
Full size mobile casino gambling tables and equipment available for hire for your fund-raising evenings, theme nights, private parties or corporate functions and events.
Available Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 09-636 1469

We can provide authentic, full-size casino gaming tables (including Roulette, and Blackjack) to your venue - be it an office, your home, function room or even a marquee - along with professionally trained croupiers (dealers), chips, dice and cards.

Our professional croupiers not only teach patrons how to play, but also provide "Blackjack Strategy Cards" to help lower the odds that are in the Casino's favour. 

All guests start with One Million Dollars in casino chips and compete at the various authentic tables.  At the conclusion of the gambling (eg. 2 hours) guests cash their winnings in for a fun casino cheque.  The top 6 cheque holders go into a playoff at roulette to find the Number One gambler of the evening (optional).  This is followed by a fun mystery auction of prizes (provided by client).

  • Door Ticket (if required)
    Either your design or Million Dollar Cheque Ticket supplied (free) by us with every order of minimum 3 tables.
  • Function sample schedule
    Casino commences following short presentation by our casino MC.
    -  Guests receive 1 Million Dollars in casino chips by presenting cheque ticket to croupier and play commences.
    -  Croupiers teach guests how to play and provide Blackjack Strategy Cards at these tables.
    -  On some occasions a further distribution of 1 Million can be made at the halfway point.
    -  When tables are closed, guests are invited to cash in their chips at the Blackjack tables and are issued a cheque for the amount won.
  • Playoff
    A playoff at Roulette can be held by MC finding top 4 or 6 cheque holders, seating them at Roulette table and conducting a short competition to find "NO.1 GAMBLER".  Ten chips each and 3 spins of the wheel.
  • Prizes/Auction
    Clients responsibility to provide some prizes (suggested min.7, max. 15).  One prize for No.1 Gambler and all others in mystery auction.  All guests holding cheques, except winner of playoff, are eligible to bid in auction
Team Casino Gambling Games
You can divide your guests/staff into small teams who pool their chips at the end of the first round to find the best team. This is great as a Team Building exercise and creates more interaction amongst the players.

Gambling tables can be a great way to raise funds for legitimate charities. Either sell your funny money at the beginning (chips can not be traded back into real cash though - this is the fundraising part!) or sell door tickets for the evening. You can also organise for prizes to be donated for the auction at the end of the evening so it's not all giving on the guests behalf - they could still walk away with more than they spent.

Grab for Cash Money Booth
Take a look at this hilarious 10 foot high Poker machine
with a zip front opening.

Fun money can be blown around inside for a limited amount of time while the player tries to grab as much as they can and stuff it into a money pouch.

There's an electronic sign on the front which can display anything from "Happy Birthday" to your Company Name.

At casino function it's a great opportunity for losing players to get back into the competition eg. total money grabbed converted to casino chips.

Use the Cash Money booth at trade stands, pubs and clubs, fairs and school galas. You can add some notes that have real winning prizes. (eg. movie pass, restaurant voucher etc.) discount vouchers for your products or real cash hidden amongst the funny money.

New Zealand based Blackjack, Roulette and Poker tables are available throughout Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and guarantee action-packed entertainment with the emphasis on fun, and no-one loses a cent! Our staff can assist you in answering questions, making presentations and you'll find more entertainment to fit the Casino theme here.


For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 09-636 1469